Sunday, April 3, 2011

MOC: MX-2116 Spacefighter

Following up yesterday's Mars Mission set is today's Mars Mission MOC. I only have the one, as it turns out, because I have yet to take apart any of my Mars Mission sets, except for my second copy of 7693 ETX Alien Strike. The pieces from this set form the core of this particular MOC, which I've christened with the imitative and unremarkable name of "MX-2116 Spacefighter."

Much like the M-Tron fighter MOC I previously displayed, the MX-2116 is fair basic build: studs up, and not particularly studless. In design, it's fairly reminiscent of a Battlestar Galactica Viper, and this was somewhat intentional.

In keeping with the established Mars Mission motifs, the MX-2116 features a white-and-orange colour scheme, with some trans-dark-blue highlights, and black/grey elements. I've probably used more grey than would have been found in a Mars Mission set, but I don't think the result is terribly incongruous. I also stuck to the idea that Mars Mission ships are powered by the trans-neon green crystals that the humans and aliens are fighting over in the series. (In my Space world, this is identified as the same element the Rockraiders were digging up, Brickonium--which was also a trans-neon green element.)

The best thing about the MX-2116, in my opinion--and the reason why it will probably stay together even after the Mars Mission sets get dismantled--is its swooshability. This all-important criteria of LEGO spaceships is more than adequately met, at least from my perspective.

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  1. Great design here. The overall shape is quite satisfying, and I like the details on the back.