Monday, March 5, 2012

1843 Space/Castle Value Pack

It's been a busy few weeks and not a lot of posts here, and LEGO has been in the background of life. That said, I've picked up some new LEGO here that hasn't made its way onto this blog yet. One of those sets was Set 1843, a unique Castle/Space value pack set from 1996.

My motivation for acquiring this value pack is rooted in my love for both Spyrius and Royal Knights, the two featured themes. On the Royal Knight side, 1843 was the last set I needed for my collection, following a Bricklink hunt a couple years ago. On the Spyrius side... this is only the second Spyrius set in my collection, though I've been collecting minifigs and parts piecemeal for years.

I'm not sure which half of this set I like more, though I suspect the Spyrius would win. The Royal Knight catapult is one of the nicer catapults out there and matches the blue colour-scheme of 6044 King's Carriage, but when you get right down to it, there are a LOT of catapults in LEGO's catalogue.

Mind you, there are also a lot of spaceships in LEGO's catalogue, but although this Spyrius fighter isn't full of inventive parts usage, but it is a fairly unique design and a rather attractive one--and swooshable, which counts for a lot.