Wednesday, April 13, 2011

She's "The One"

So my girlfriend has been going through some highly stressful times with her grad school--a grad school that is becoming increasingly superfluous to her lifetime career-plans. Yesterday evening, she told me that this meant we need to go to Braintree this weekend. Braintree, I should tell you, is somewhere we only go when I want to visit a LEGO Store.

"I want to buy some LEGO," she told me.

Yes, AFOLs, I am living the dream: I have a girlfriend who wants to go buy comfort LEGO.

Granted, she has a penchant for licensed themes--Harry Potter in particular--but let's not hold that against her. Not least because I have a substantial (if mostly parted out) Star Wars collection and my own fair smattering of Batman, Harry Potter, and Indiana Jones sets.

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