Saturday, April 16, 2011

Minifigs: Bandit

Today's post is brief because I'm a bit tired out from our adventure to the LEGO Store--about which one should expect a post in the next day or two--and this picture was already taken.

One of my favourite themes, in terms of minifig characters, was the 1999 theme of the Rockraiders. It was somewhat abysmally juniorized, in terms of set construction, but it had some excellent minifigures. Today's post is about my personal favourite, Bandit, although it's possible that he's favoured more because of the personality my brother and I gave him than because he's an excellent minifigure. In the picture below, he's only been slightly modified from his original state: fresh from the set, Bandit had standard blue pants.

The change isn't drastic, giving Bandit dark green pants instead of blue, but the effect, I think, is striking. It's also interesting to consider that Bandit's torso, which came out in 1999, completely predates dark green as a colour of LEGO pieces, but matches the pants completely.

It's also worth mentioning that I didn't come up with the combination myself, but having seen one of my brothers do it, I felt compelled to do it myself. It gives him an excellent set of overalls.

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