Sunday, February 6, 2011

MOC: M-Tron Fighter

To anyone who's been following this blog, it's probably become clear by now that I tend in the direction of sets, rather than MOCs. Indeed, if you've been paying attention to my career on Classic-Castle, I've hardly ever posted a MOC online, and those I have are... not nearly as polished as most out there. I've been aware for quite a while now that I'm more of a fig-person than a building-person, and this is part of why I'm not a great builder. Practice is part of it too, and maybe I just don't have the native talent. Whatever the reason for it, I'm content with mostly being a set-person, rather than a MOC-person.

That doesn't mean, however, that I *never* build MOCs...

(Actually, it's probably worth noting that of my standing LEGO creations, half or more are probably MOCs... they just aren't necessarily that good.)

Anyway, this M-Tron fighter is one of my MOCs that I think is polished enough to make a public appearance. It's not that it's amazing... but I think it's okay. It is, in any case, swooshable, and that counts for a lot.

I've never had an M-Tron set. The two figs that I own were acquired via Bricklink, and it's pretty clear that I've not adhered strictly to things as they're modelled in the official sets. There is a lack of light grey, a total absence of magnets, and I'm not really sure that a fighter is an M-Tron appropriate vehicle.

The body of the fighter was originally an Extreme Team set, 2963 Extreme Racer, which I had rebuilt a couple years after the "great take-apart" of my sets, because I wanted the race car. You can still see a bit of the Extreme Team set's influence in the antenna and the cockpit, but it's rather hidden, I think.

All told, it's not a complicated build. It still has lots of studs showing, and is pretty much entirely a studs-up conservative build. The cockpit is classic LEGO in being completely unsealed. But it's fun, and I'm rather proud of it. Though I haven't got the pictures to show you, it still actually represents a significant development in my MOCing skills.


  1. It still has lots of studs showing, and is pretty much entirely a studs-up conservative build.

    That's how most of my MOCing is, which is partly why I haven't done too much with Space (even though I would like to; practice would also be a major factor). For that reason, this MOC you've posted here is actually somewhat of an inspiration for me, because it shows that studs-up can still produce a good looking, swooshable spaceship. Good work; I like it.

  2. Glad to inspire. I think studs-up, old fashioned, builds are somewhat underrated, especially in Space, they *do* lack a bit of the glamour some other builds have.

    The chief advantage, IMO, is that it looks more like the LEGO I grew up with.