Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rebuilding the Past

In my other online fan-life, as a Tolkien nerd, the roleplaying part of the forum is undergoing some revamping. It's interesting that is happening now, because at the same time I'm letting myself get swallowed up in the excitement there, I'm on a bit of a building spree with old LEGO sets. I find this interesting, because the roleplay restructuring means digging back into the history of the forum, and at the same time that we're rebuilding our history there, I'm in the middle of rebuilding some of my LEGO history.

Amusingly, the LEGO history I'm rebuilding is, in turn, a rebuild of LEGO from the 1980s. I'm talking about a couple of the Legends sets LEGO released in the early 2000s, namely 10000 Guarded Inn and 10039 Black Falcon's Fortress.

When these sets came out in 2001 and 2002, they were pretty much dreams come true: Castle themes from before my collecting days made possible again. The knight with the Guarded Inn was my first Black Falcon. The Lion soldiers from the same set were my first Lions since 1994. What's more, the sets were justifiably well designed--they were re-released for a reason.

Rebuilding them this week, I almost don't understand why I ever took them apart. Given my MOCing skills are admittedly weak, their classic lines are well beyond anything I've been able to come up with. Looking back, I almost have to wonder if the "Great Take-Apart" of my sets wasn't my version of a LEGO Dark Age. (Normally, a LEGO fan's "Dark Age" refers to a period when the bricks are set aside and forgot--often during the teen and young adult years).

It's safe to say that these sets will get a viewing here at some point as "Favourite Sets."

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