Wednesday, August 3, 2011

6115 Shark Scout

I believe it was mentioned somewhere in the last few weeks worth of Aquazone Breakfast News that 6115 Shark Scout was my first Aquazone set. I got it late in 1995, the year it was released, as a present. From these modest beginnings came, well, a theme that never really amounted to much... at least not until the debut of Aquazone Breakfast News.

In those early years, my brother managed to amass a rather larger Aquashark army (his Aquanauts were playing in the same league as mine, however) than me, and since both his Aquashark subs came with sharks, my little Aquashark tended to borrow the shark from 6234 Renegade's Raft--after all, it's not like the poor shark had a lot of opportunities to eat people in that theme (people rarely died in my LEGO battles; as a general rule, they were only wounded).

As sets go, I always thought that this set had one of the handsomer "tiny submarine set" models. Although I wouldn't really go so far as to say that Shark Scout is comprised of a host of useful pieces, it avoids the appearance of having any Pieces-of-one-Part, and the one arguable P-of-1-P that it does have is the rather attractive Aquashark front piece. The black, blue, and neon orange colour combination was a handsome one, in my books, reminiscent of a cross between the original Space Police theme and Iceplanet. Unfortunately, this was the only set I really had in the colour scheme; the only other Aquashark set that I acquired was the rather terrible 1095 Super Sub. Like pretty much all the Aquazone subthemes, I acquired one token tiny submarine to say that I had some, and then failed to think of any reason to acquire more.

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  1. Nice looking little set. The old ones really seemed to have more character or something...
    God bless,
    Joel ><>.