Saturday, July 30, 2011

Birthday Cake

Although LEGO is perhaps best used within its own context, there is a long and noble tradition (at least in my family) of using it as a cake-topper. So far, it has yet to see service as a wedding cake topper (and probably won't, at my wedding... or so I am reliably informed), but it has frequently appeared atop birthday cakes. My younger brother's 17th birthday was no exception (that was during our Internet blackout), and as the master-chef in charge of the cake, I oversaw the production of the picture below (although the LEGO belongs to the birthday boy's):

Mind you, it's not actually a cake... Instead, it was a tray of squares. As to the birthday-dessert preferences of my brother, I'll offer no comment here, except to say that it made decorating more difficult--although I *am* quite pleased with the final result. Especially with the candles lit, in a darkened room, it has a certain charm.


  1. Very nice! It does look great in the dark with the candles lit.
    God bless,
    Joel ><>.

  2. That is just too awesome. And candles do add a lot to the scene!