Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Custom Clerics

Although I am not a gung-ho customizer of LEGO pieces, and have my purist moments, I'm not *really* a purist, and have been known to do a little bit of it here and there. For the most part, I tend to limit myself to some torso decals (well... torso stickers... let's not overstate what they are). The figs below, however, go slightly beyond stickers, and represent what are probably the most advanced customized figs I've made

From left to right, we have three members of the Catholic clergy: a priest wearing an alb and stole (who could easily be a Lutheran minister... or all sorts of Protestant ministers), a priest wearing a chasuble over his alb and stole, and a deacon wearing an alb and stole.

All three figs belonged to one of my earlier post-Great Take-Apart MOCs, St. Adrian's parish (which can be seen in an earlier stage in this Brickshelf folder). I'm a Catholic myself, and spent four years in seminary training to become a Catholic priest before I realised that what made seminary awesome for me was the academic end of things--at which point I shifted to academic and moved to Boston for grad school. The church goes back to before I even entered seminary, and these figs go back to my last year or so of seminary--about a year and a half ago.

Having established that baseline of what they're wearing on the bottom, this second picture goes whole-hog. On the left is a priest again, now wearing a cope (which is used when presiding at liturgical events OTHER than Mass). In the centre is a bishop--actually a metropolitan archbishop, as denoted by the pallium he is wearing over his chasuble (which one will note is more ornate than the first). He actually has a crozier (staff) with a crook somewhere, but it's not the handsomest piece, so I didn't worry about digging it up for this picture. Finally, the deacon is still there on the right, now wearing his dalmatic over his stole and alb.

This is a view from behind of the previous picture. Both the cope and the chasuble look their best from behind, and I've removed the archbishop's pallium so that the detailing on his chasuble is visible.

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  1. Wow. Just wow. I'm a seminarian to be ordained in a few weeks. Might I commission you to make something similar for my cake top? It would be amazing.