Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Blog, New Post

A couple days ago I discovered a new LEGO blog ( Granted, after 7 years as a part of the online LEGO community, chiefly as a member at Classic-Castle, it's hardly something new for me to find a new LEGO blog. However, I still occasionally seek them out--mostly because the old ones on my favourites page no longer have enough new content to keep me busy on a long, empty afternoon, and in Friday's discovery of this nature, I found just enough long text and personality-driven content that I was motivated to start a blog of my own.

So let me introduce this blog. The name is derived from an ongoing story that I have been working on over the past year, called Grandfather's Tale (note the singular vs. plural form). For the most part, this been only marginally promoted, between being hosted at Brickshelf and updated at a couple forums. Not, mind you, that this blog is really conceived as a promotional platform either, but it needed a title, and the story had one to give. It seemed an appropriate name, too, when modified to the plural form, because this blog is going to be a bit of a grandfather's ramble. It is not a news blog, like the Brothers-Brick, or a theme blog, of any sort. The only underlying themes are LEGO Bricks, and what I think of them.

That being said, there are a few sub-themes that are likely to emerge, as a result of the afore-mentioned 7 years online amidst the LEGO community. In that time, I've felt the urge to blog before, and these various urges are likely to make their presence felt now that an actual blog has come of them. Let me introduce what these are:
  • Firstly, the brick-illustrated stories I am working on. These are the literal "Grandfather's Tales," and at the moment, "Grandfather's Tale" is the only one I've actually published. This has the possibility of expanding, however, because as I've posted on Castle World, I have other, non-Castle, themed "grandfather's tales" that I'd like to work on, and these may eventually see publication. In addition, I have an unpublished comic idea going on the side, which I have nowhere else to put, and 15 years of writing LEGO-inspired stories behind me (I guess one really ought to call them fan-fiction...), which may see the light of day, in some form or another here.
  • Secondly, this blog may contain a lot of commentary. This is likely to have to do with bricks and the experience of being a LEGO fan, but could range quite a bit wider. But, really... this is a blog--did I need to mention it will have commentary?
  • Thirdly, I will probably show off the new LEGO I've acquired. This will probably take the form of set reviews and such... but let's be clear about what really motivates this: I am getting new LEGO and want to show it off somewhere...
  • Fourthly, related to the last point, I'm likely to go back in time to look at old LEGO. Similar to showing off new LEGO, this is an excuse to revisit memory lane and wax nostalgic about the LEGO of my childhood and adolescence.
Overall, this is a fan blog. I love the product LEGO puts out, and have done so for over 18 years now. If this blog lasts until Christmas 2012, it will get to chronicle my 20th anniversary with my favourite toy, and one my of abiding passions. Although I do not come close to achieving the sort of building masterpieces that I have seen on a near-daily basis online over the years, I've been known as the premier LEGO nerd in most of my social circles over the past couple decades, with the single exception of my family, where I am, at best, tied with 3 or 4 other fans. This blog is a chance to show that off, and to share that passion.

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