Sunday, August 3, 2014

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So much for returning to regular posting here, huh? At least I can claim that this is because I've been busy with LEGO. As noted in the last couple posts, I've been working on a new LEGO comic, made in a style similar to Grandfather's Tale, but with (an initial) focus on Town instead of Castle.

So far, I have posted five chapters, one each of the past five Saturdays, and another seven are in production for the coming seven Saturdays, bringing Season 1 to completion in late September. I have plans for the next season, but as I have yet to fully outline it or photograph it, I will hold off from announcing a release date, as that may prove premature. (If anyone is paying really close attention, they will notice that the above image does not exist in any of the five chapters released yet. It is a pre-text-added image from Chapter VI, coming this Saturday.)

"Cactus Canyon, Part I" starts here.
"Cactus Canyon, Part II" starts here.
"Launch Evac 1" starts here.
"Slick Racer" starts here.
"Gator Landing, Part 1" starts here.

It should come as no surprise, then, that the next episode will be "Gator Landing, Part II."

Gator Landing, Cactus Canyon, Launch Evac 1, and Slick Racer are all Town LEGO sets from the 1990s, and using the names of sets that feature in each comic as the title of the chapters is a convention that I intend to follow--at least for the rest of the season. It looks probable that I'll continue with that in Season 2, but I may change my mind, or at least play with it a little. Three of the four sets mentioned so far have, in fact, been reviewed on this blog: Cactus Canyon (my most recent post, and a teaser for the comic), Slick Racer, and Gator Landing. Launch Evac 1 may well get a review someday, since like these others, it has deep roots in my childhood, but it has not been
done yet.

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