Friday, August 24, 2012

Aquazone Breakfast News: 102


  1. BALONEY!!! As if!!!! A) There was never, ever! any evidence that the castle realms practiced any real form of feudalism. B) That guy is clearly, clearly! attacking/challenging the drawbridge. Its in the company's best interests to have two opposing forces in the set. C) This is nothing but baloney, baloney!

  2. His facial hair is proof enough of his villainy. And coolness.

    Awesome blog, I've read all of it. I love Castle more than any other Lego theme, and I've slowly started rebuilding and expanding my collection (Alas, my dark ages were a lot longer and more brutal... Search parties are still being sent to reclaim all of the lost bricks.)

    Do you play Brikwars, by any chance?

  3. Robin Hood: I'd be wary of taking anything this comic says too seriously--the whole schtick is that whatever Lucien and Alex think must be the case is generally wrong.

    Byzantinecataphract: Never played Brikwars, I'm afraid... largely because I'm not much of a boardgamer of any variety and also because I've never bothered to learn the rules--and welcome to the blog!