Friday, February 10, 2012

Aquazone Breakfast News: 075


  1. Oh please, Sheriff Wyatt is at least as anti-townlander as the colonel. Now, if this was your sheriff we are talking about, I wouldn't say anything. But since you referred to him as "Wyatt" I must assume you to be referring to my sheriff.

  2. Oh, your Sheriff Wyatt was definitely *more* anti-Townie than my colonel; he was right up there with the insane general. That works when you have two kids playing together--they can have characters with the same personality traits--but in a comic by a single person the duplication of characters is unnecessary; they have to be distinct. I don't need two crazy anti-Townie Wild Westers any more than I need two sheriffs that look identical.

    After all, it's not as if my Sheriff would have been any more likely than anyone else in our Wild West to propose a TV show.

  3. Now lets not get my Sheriff Wyatt confused with my Sheriff Willy.