Sunday, October 16, 2011

1969 "Robot Moon Walker"

A couple weeks ag, while Bricklinking pieces for someone's Christmas present, I happened to be buying from a store that had a copy of 1969 (which I am calling "Robot Moon Walker," in honour of the fact that its set number, 1969, is the year of the first moon landing) at a reasonable price. As a Space Police (ii) set that I did not already own, I couldn't pass it up (see this old post for my fondness for that theme).

(Also, note that my indoor, lightless, picture-taking skills are improving, albeit at small increments.)

"Robot Moon Walker" is now the fourth, and smallest, Space Police set I have acquired, and it probably isn't something to write home about. It's a fairly standard early 1990s Space set, using wheels, hinge-pieces as hands, and 2x2 "radar dishes," all controlled by a minifig with a walkie-talkie. Nor is the fig anything special, being perfectly identical to every other Space Police non-officer out there.

All that being said, however, I was pleased as punch to get this little set, and for what it is--essentially an impulse set or part of a cross-themes combo pack--it's pretty nice. The robot itself is rather cute, and I admit to having more fun with wheeled robots like this than more complex--and articulated--legged robots. Much of this pleasure is tied into the nostalgia of the set, no doubt. Back in the 1990s, this set was in the combo pack on the inside front cover of my 1993 catalogue, opposite the main Space Police page, and I would have died of happiness to have received that combo--mostly because I would have been able to get my first Space Police fig. Now that I've got him, I admit I didn't die (of happiness or otherwise), but I was still quite pleased with him.

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