Wednesday, September 21, 2011

30002 "Police Boat"

Continuing my protracted review of newly acquired LEGO sets, and continuing my protracted series of poor pictures, today I present the freebie set that came along with my purchase--I believe because we spent over $50 at the LEGO Store.

This set, which I am calling "Police Boat," does not currently exist in the Lugnet database.

In terms of parts, Police Boat is not an exceptional set, and as far as the design goes it's nothing special--indeed, I would say that the console section below the windshield is a particularly weak design. Nor is the fig particularly new or wonderful.

That being said, Police Boat was a free set, and I was quite excited to get it. Even if my Police force does not need new recruits, I was still glad to get the little fellow.

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