Tuesday, June 28, 2011


As I mentioned in this post, my van got broken into in Boston, and the handful of figs that I was planning to take back to Canada were stolen (together with a bunch of other non-crucial, but annoying-to-lose items). So far, I've made 7 Bricklink orders, which seems like a lot, and certainly I'm spending a lot more money rebuilding than the thieves are likely to get for them--assuming they didn't just dump their takings somewhere. However, it's not that my Bricklink orders have been terribly expensive so much as I'm having to order from a plethora of sellers, in order to reconstruct the unique constituency of figs that I lost.

The picture below shows the completed minifigs that have arrived thus far. One will note that my Brickster no longer has Elf hair (at least until I get back to Boston):

It's also worth noting that when I start scripting and photographing new Aquazone Breakfast News (this week completes the backlog I had going), these figs are on a shorter-than-usual list of figs likely to be featured.

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  1. Huh, I didn't see that. That's awful low - stealing a guy's LEGO figures...Sorry, mate.
    God bless,
    Joel ><>.