Monday, May 23, 2011

Too Much News Means Few Posts

Unfortunately, despite being back in Boston for about ten days now, after my rushed trip back to Canada, I have not got back into the swing of posting. Part of this is obviously due to the upset routine--which continues to be upset, since I'm no longer in school for the year, and I'm busy packing up my apartment (and LEGO) to move out May 31st--but this is also due to things like the discouragingly cloudy weather Boston has been enjoying, which has discouraged me from taking pictures, which are often an important catalyst in my blog-writing process.

It'll be interesting, as an aside, to see how this blog fares once I get back to Canada for the summer, since I'm only taking a very small fraction, a mere token of me collection with me. The rest will live in storage...

Meanwhile, while there is bad news in my life, there's also been good news. My girlfriend is no longer my girlfriend, but my fiancée.

The wedding isn't for a little over a year (subject to when we can or can not book things), and I doubt it will heavily impact this blog, which remains a LEGO-blog first.

On the other hand... I wonder if we can set up a gift registry at the LEGO Store...

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